Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where I've Been...

So...I can't believe it has been since Spring Break that I have posted!! That's how crazy it has been since then! Today is technically my last day of Spring semester once I finish a quick paper and quiz...YAY!! Then I have a May minimester class from May 13-28 that's online and a math class at Houston Community College in Summer I and I'M FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will FIANLLY graduate August 13th, 2010!!! Let the countdown begin!

This past Tuesday started week 12 that my sister has waited in the hospital for her heart and lungs transplant. It has tried all of ous in so many ways, but in the end we know it will all just make us stronger. If y'all could just pray that it wouldn't be much longer I would definitely appreciate it!

WEDDING PLANS... so I haven't been able to do very much wedding planning in all the chaos of school and hospital visits, but I'm hoping with my schedule opening up soon that'll change. I did get to go do some bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday. I've been trying to find a high neck dress that is still gorgeous because of my sister's high scar she will have from the transplant and that everyone will hopefully like too. So I found this one and y'all tell me what you think?

One more thing that has happened recently that I need to mention is I am getting my other knee replaced!! I'm really happy about it because my other knee is doing so great and I'm ready for my right one to feel the same way. It's scheduled for June 1 as of now, but I'm going to be rescheduling it to make sure I'm finished with all classes first.

Until next time!!