Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life is Crazy!!

I wish I could fast forward time a little bit but that would mean I have to figure some things out first. I've been home in Brenham and literally going out of my mind! It's been a cleaning frenzy around here because we just got new carpet installed. It's really pretty and soft. I love walking barefoot on it hehe! But my dad is driving me bonkers and I miss my friends so much! I really need an excuse to get away! Making things worse, I'm in the middle of a minimester class that finishes next Thursday when the test is. Unfortunately, the same day my other class starts!! That class goes on until June 29th and then HALLELUJAH I am done!! We're still trying to figure out when I'll be able to have knee replacement surgery. My dad's thinking it should wait until after graduation being that recovery will push close to August 13th and I just don't know what to do. A summer vacation would be great, because I feel like I've earned it but I just don't know :( I'm ready for the pain to go away..not wait anymore.


I won't have to wait until Aggie ring day..which is just fine by me..because I want to have my ring on when I walk to stage! The morning of graduation I get to go and pick it up and I won't have to fight crowds and I can get pictures with my family under the pretty large ring replica. :)

Wedding plans have pretty much still been on hold. My parents finally broke down and made a guest list and I paid the rest of my dress off so it is officilly MINE!! When I go see my sister later today or tomorrow I am going to get fitted so they will put in a corset for me so it will fit like a glove on me! Next, I want to find a good photographer for our engagement pictures so based on how good those turn out we can book them for my bridal portraits and the wedding.

Well, that's it for now. I love how this can be my place to rant and let it all out when I can't really go anywhere else without upsetting anyone.