Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why Does Christmas Have To Be Over :(

I hope EVERYONE had a great Christmas! I gotta say it was wonderful to finally be engaged at such a magical time of the year for the first time. It made seeing each other's families together special in many ways and also not quite up to par in others. Christmas day my Grandma and her husband came then soon after my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins, Megan and Brandon, all came over to my house. Today, or now yesterday since it's so late, I got back from spending 3 full days with my future in laws. On the way there, Quade surprsied me with a digital camera! I had told him that's what I wanted, but I was still surprised he actually got one for me. I love it and have already put it to good use!

My new camera!

I bought his parents a relaxation set with a soft throw, eye mask, ear plugs, and neck rest along with a srong french vanilla candle. With all the hard work they put into caring for my future neice and nephew, I knew the gifts would probably be most appreciated. We bought the kiddos a big set of blocks that Kaid was already tearing into before we could all sit down to open presents together.


Quade's parents bought me all kinds of goodies! I got a beautiful turquoise necklace and matching earrings, another pair of dangly earrings with brown stones and aqua rhinestones in it. Also, a special gift from Victoria Secret, sweet pea frangrance gift set with lotion, shower gel and pink bath sponge, plus these adorable bunny slippers all from Bath and Body Works. I was very happy with my gifts!

My cute bunny slippers and jewelery

Monday was the day we were going to come home, but they really wanted us to stay an extra day so we did so Quade could go deer hunting and I got more time with Brynn and Kaid. I got thrown up on by Kaid, but thankfully not much. Besides, I have to get used to it anyways if I'm going to be a elementary teacher so I'm glad I wasn't terribly grossed out. All in all it was a wonderful Christmas. Now, Quade and I are trying to make plans for New Years Eve since our traditional plans aren't going on this year. We shall see I guess!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'M BACK! I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted! Sooo much has happened and I will try to make it as quick but complete as possible. Biggest thing is..I GOT ENGAGED! Quade proposed to be on October 17th on the balcony of my apartment and of course I said yes just as quickly as I could. :)

After he popped the question and I was able to call my family, he took me to the greatest restaurant I have ever been to, Christopher's World Grille! It was so fancy and the food was the greatest I have ever had and that's including the 4 cruises that I have been on! We took pictures there with what I later discovered was a blurry lens so I'm trying to get them fixed. Here is one I found though! We had the corner booth..very intimate and romantic!

Now, I'm in the middle of wedding planning! We have set the date for June 11, 2011 so we have a good year and half to plan along with finishing college. I have found my dream dress! I will, warily, put it up because I'll have to make sure Quade never look on here. At least not this post.

Not only is it everything I ever wanted, but it is practically half off the original cost so I'm doing daddy proud by trying to save him money lol! Today and the rest of my Christmas break, I will be hopefully finalizing the reception location and getting price quotes for caterers and maybe decorations too. So far I'm loving every minute of it and just hoping I stay ahead so it stays that way. I'm just so ready to be Mrs. Michal Renee' DeBord!!

Over the summer, I got a total knee replacement done which has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. I'm hoping to get my other knee done next summer so I'll be jumping all over the place for my wedding! The physical therapy after was hard, but now looking back it was nothing compared to how great my knee feels now. Now, I've just got to get the rest of my joints feeling better. Tomorrow (Wednesday), I am getting two cortizone injections in both of my ankles and I am so dreading it. I had my right knee done last August and as great as it feels now, it was AWWWWFUUUULLL getting the shot. I'm almost 100% positive the ankle hurts much worse :( least this time tomorrow night it'll be over.

A&M is still going good. I'm starting to feel burnt out on the whole college experience. It'll be 5 years in May since I started college at Blinn and that's with most summers! My grades are starting to be affected which is the worst part. I should be graduating in May but we'll see.

My sister, Courtney, is getting ready after the first of the year to be put on the transplant list for a new heart and both lungs. Slowly, over the course of this year, she has been getting worse and the heart catherization she had on December 11th confirmed what we have feared all her life. She's so strong and amazing, but I know scared at the same time. She is on oxygen now part of the time (should be all the time), but she hates to do it in front of friends or away from home so it doesn't get done as much as it should. When I think about the possibility of losing her I can't contain myself! So we won't dwell on that too much.. Most importantly though myself, Courtney, and my parents know that EVERYTHING is in God's hands and I believe that His plan is for her to have the life that she has always wanted..pain free, run for ever and ever, and really enjoy life for the first time.

Courtney and my dad
Well, guess that's all I'll write for now. I will stay more current from now on, because there really is so my going on in my life right now that I want to be able to share with you and I want to be able to look back on some day too. Until next time!