Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sad the weekend is over

It's been a nice weekend besides the cold. My sister turned 21 last Wednesday so Friday night she had a party at one of our favorite Mexican restauarnts in College Station, Abuelos. The food was great as it is usually as well as the drinks. Her idea after dinner was to have a roast in her honor, of course. Unfortunately the restaurant had not reserved the party room for us, like we had asked, so the party had to move to my apartment. My sister seemed to enjoy herself, but I'm not sure if it quite met her high expectations. Saturday, my dad's business had it's 20th anniversary Open House and it was my sister and I's job to serve sausage-on-a-stick to customers and be on hand for anything else. It was a successful event, but I was very happy when it was over. I was able to go home and rest a while before my boyfriend and I had dinner at Applebees then went to the movies to see Duplicity with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. Definitely not the ending I was expecting (won't say anymore to keep from ruining it), but still a good movie. Today was very relaxing and nice except for my Lady Aggies losing to Arizona State and now cannot move on to the 'Elite 8' for the NCAA Championship. Now, I am just planning my week and about to complete a lesson plan for my partner and I's class unit assignment on 'the seasons.' Hope this is a more relaxing week then last week was. I want to be able to go to the Hall of Fame to go dancing with my honey Thursday night and maybe get to go to Chilifest this weekend in Snook. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Can Taste Spring Break

So much has happened and even though it is late at night I cannot sleep so here goes. Tomorrow my Spring Break officially starts and I could not be happier!! Saturday I turn 22 and my wonderful boyfriend and I are going to spend the day in Houston before going to his parents until Monday. It has been one of those weeks that I would absolutely love to forget, but I cannot and I will just have to learn from it. I felt like I had been cheated in a way by my observation school because I was only doing what I had been told to do all along and I ended up getting in trouble for it. Now, the worst is over, thankfully, and I just have to move on and make the most of it. I'm thrilled to have a week off to relax and I AM going to enjoy it! I finally have our camera's memory cleared so I should have birthday pictures. Well, I'm off to get some shut eye so tomorrow (technically today now) can get here sooner!