Friday, November 12, 2010

Free Holiday Cards? Thank you Shutterfly!!

I have seen blog after blog after blog talking about this promotion for 50 free Holiday cards from Shutterfly just for Bloggers and I just cannot resist anymore!

My fiance' has told me since the first year after we started seriously dating that when we finally got engaged it would be appropriate to send out our own Christmas cards. It didn't seem the right time this time a year ago but this year feels like perfect timing. I know next Christmas we will be married and have all the right in the world to do it, but I think I've earned it being engaged for over a year now and dating three and a half years before that...right? So, thanks to the fine folks at Shutterfly I will very happily be able to create our first Christmas card together! Christmas is by far our favorite time of year and being able to share in the joy of the Christmas season as soon-to-be husband and wife with our friends and family is something I have always looked forward to doing!

I am especially fond of the photo Christmas cards that you can check out by clicking here!

I REALLY love these!!

There are also some other terrific Christmas cards that you can look at here!
And if you want a beautiful card that portrays the joy you wish to share throughout the entire holiday season whether it's Christmas, New Years, or Hanukkah, then you definitely want to click here!

So if you are interested, Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up HERE!!
If you do participate please share because I would LOVE to see what y'alls Christmas cards look like. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CMA Chat

I have been looking forward to the CMA Awards for weeks like I do every year! Not just because my schedule pretty much consists of sitting on the couch and watching TV right now, but because I breathe country music...ALMOST! It's the reason that I loved my job so much when I was a DJ for the country radio station in my hometown (and YES I miss it)!

I thought Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were a perfect hosting pair again this year! I know most of what they say is scripted for them, but I loved their opening bit with the rewritten renditions to the Beverly Hillbilly theme song and again with..

"Well, she caught Tiger with some tail it's plain to see,
Brett Favre's taking up photography.
Is it me or have pro sports gone straight to hell,
Ever since they caught Old Tiger with some tail?"

Just hilarious! :)

Rascal Flatts is by far my most favorite band (I tend to be a little obsessive even) and they gave a great performance of their new song "Why Wait!" I can't "wait" for their new CD Nothing Like This to come out on Tuesday!! Every time one of their albums has come out, I have gone to buy it before classes that day or anything so I can listen to the whole album first. Pretty bad huh? I wish they would have won Vocal Group of the Year instead of Lady Antebellum, but they just didn't have as good of a year. :(

I cannot get over how Reba never seems to age!! She looked incredible! A lot of people were disappointed that she took Beyonce's song "If I Were A Boy," but they said last night Reba actually wrote that song and I actually liked Reba singing it a lot more than Beyonce.

One of my favorite moments was when Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson performed their single "Don't You Wanna Stay." If I hadn't heard it for myself I wouldn't have believed they would sound so good together but it made me want to get his album even more than I wanted already.

I was shockingly surprised that Gwyneth Paltrow sounded as good as she did! I never would have put her and country music into the same category even if it is just for the movie, but now I really want to see Country Strong when it comes to theaters on January 7th.

I was so happy for Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton for winning Female and Male Vocalists of the Year! Blake has been in the shadows for so long that it was definitely his time! He also won the Event of the Year Award with Trace Atkins for "Hillbilly Bone." Miranda not only won the Female Vocalist of the Year, but also Best Song of the Year and Best Album of the Year! It was especially meaningful to me because the radio station that I was a DJ for was one of the only radio stations in Texas that at first agreed to play Miranda's music and helped to put her on the map. I also got to talk to her on the phone while working there and she truly is a class act! She gave me one of the biggest laughs of the night when accepting her award for Female Vocalist of the Year when she said, "I don't know what's goin' on. I just told Blake I think we need to go to church."

Probably the most deserving man of the evening was Brad Paisley for winning the Entertainer of the Year award! I really wanted him to win after the awesome year he had. He was also deeply effected by the Nashville flood that hit earlier this year; losing millions of dollars worth in music equipment that was used in a lot of his concerts. Congrats, Brad! There's a reason your song "Then" is our first dance song for our wedding!

Finally, I had to close with this gorgeous picture of Carrie in her purple ball gown! I thought it was amazing and quite elegant! She had a lot of mixed reviews on how she looked in it but I personally would LOVE to have it in my closet!

So what did y'all think of the CMA's?!?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ankle Update

I know I said that I would give an update last weekend after my surgery, but I've been a lot more out of it than figured I was going to be. Thursday morning we left my house at 5 AM to give us plenty of time to get to the Methodist hospital. We were almost an hour and half early but my dad figured if we would have left any later than we did we would have gotten right in the middle of morning traffic. I was excited when they let us in early thinking they might get started early however surgery still didn't get started until sometime between 10:30 and 11:00. Everything from the time I woke up until that night is really fuzzy. My sister even filmed me on her phone and showed me yesterday and it was pretty funny. I do remember my sweet friend Christa calling to check on me and Quade staying by my side until he, my dad, and my sister had to drive back home since only one person could stay with me. Early Friday morning they came and put my cast on and they discharged me from the hospital at 12:30. Since then I've pretty much slept and moved around as little as possible. I did go to church with my family and Quade Sunday because it was the very first Sunday for our new pastor to begin. Hopefully later today my mom or dad will be going to town to get my wheelchair so I can get around less painfully. The crutches and walker that I have been using are really starting to bother my other joints.

I just hope the next couple weeks go by fast until the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I will hopefully be getting my cast off and my walking boot on so I can gradually start putting more and more weight back on my new ankle.

Well the drugs are starting to get to me again so until next time...

Have a great rest of the week!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Head over to Jamie's site and play

I'm Loving

The weather is FINALLY getting colder here and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks so I thoroughly enjoyed my first cup today!!

I'm Loving

That after tomorrow's surgery I will have a brand new ankle and will soon be on my way to being PAIN FREE!

I'm Loving

That my wonderful fiance' is going to be able to take off work tomorrow so he can be there with me and my family for my surgery! <3>

I'm Loving

That all my bridesmaids are happy with the dress that I picked for them to wear in my wedding! It's pictured in green here but I'm having it ordered in chianti/maroon with a black sash to match my Aggie wedding colors!

Which leads me to what I'm loving most....

Only 220 days until our wedding!!!!!!!

I'll update y'all on how the surgery goes this weekend! Thank you so very much for all the well wishes for my surgery!