Thursday, June 24, 2010

351 Days To Go and Priorities

Finally under the year mark and couldn't be happier!! Well almost..I've been so stressed with this last class I'll ever have to take that it's terrible that I cannot completely devote myself to wedding planning. It's the one thing that is standing between me and graduation. Also, it's the one thing that my parents stand firm on, in my dad's words today, in the midst of all this chaos with the wait on my sister's heart and lungs transplant. No one can imagine, not even me, what is going on in my sister's mind and she is still, by far, my hero!

There's times that I really love priorities and times that I DESPISE them!! For 4 1/2 months now, our priority has been Courtney's health and for every good reason should be! To my parents, my life has needed to revolve around school and definitely has been. Once this class is over I want to enjoy all the wedding planning with my family and for them to be excited about it too. So til next week my priority will remain to be my math class and then next week back to visiting my sister as much as I can, have some fun, and wedding plan whenever I feel like it! After August graduation, my priority will turn to my health with my knee replacement. Hoping and praying Courtney's surgery will happen before then so my surgery does not have to get put off and get in the way.

Here's to looking forward to a hot June wedding (like I'm sure this one was..and might even be me haha) and other good times to come soon hopefully!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Almost a Year Out!!

The Thong in his mouth reaffirms that dogs are Man
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Just had to share this as I am getting more and more excited that this Friday will be exactly one year until I get married!!!! Also, the dog in the picture looks so much like my little Tex and he loves undies just like this cutie in the picture. Maybe that could be my something BLUE too..haha.

I just recruited a new bridesmaid that I have wanted to be part of my wedding day pretty much since she became my best friend in first grade. We drifted apart as a lot of grade school friendships do; however, something good came out of my sister being in the hospital for 4 months tomorrow. My friend, Tricia, has been interning at Texas Children's Hospital and has been visiting my sister on the days I have been there. I am thrilled to say I will have 5 of the most wonderful and beautiful ladies standing next to me that day!

The drama lately with the wedding has been THE GUEST LIST! Just like I knew it would, it has grown and keeps growing until the reception venue that we did have booked is now unfit for the space we will need for dinner, dancing, and everything. Amazingly, the venue that we will now be going with is available! Whew! BUT…when I called the venue that we have booked now to ask about getting our deposit back he said we couldn't! I called my fiancĂ© upset and he quickly calmed me saying the contract we signed states that we can get it back as long as we have not paid the whole amount yet...which we haven't. I reeeeeeaaaaalllllly hope he's right because I need my dancing room!!

That's all for now, but come back for the official year out as I will have a whole new blog makeover to celebrate!!