Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LONG Overdue Update!

Hello everybody!

It has been wayyyyyyyy too long since I posted last and a lot has happened that's good and some not so good.

In my last post I mentioned that I finally got a call about a job with the church I really wanted to work at and I did get it. :)

This job has been everything I had hoped for and more!! The people I work with are just absolutely wonderful and I can honestly say that I look forward to going to work each day! It's not too strenuous on me which is a big deal for my rheumatoid arthritis. We have even visited a few times on Sunday mornings and are seriously considering joining. We want to check out the Sunday school class first and then we'll make our final decision.

My hubby and I moved to a downstairs apartment which was very exciting. The not so exciting part is why we had to move. I found out a couple months ago that I would need to have my left ankle replaced. Some of you may remember that I had my right ankle replaced back in November 2010. Not only did I need a new left ankle, but I also had to have neck surgery the same day. I thank God that we found out before it could have turned into something more serious. The doctor said the vertebrae that were lose in my neck could have eventually severed my spinal cord and caused breathing problems and/or paralysis. So to say I was lucky is an understatement...God was truly looking out for me!! Both surgeries were done on February 6th and I have another 3 weeks to go in my ankle cast before I can start walking again and my neck is recovering very well.

Even though we just moved to our new apartment, Quade just found out from a woman that he works with that we may have the opportunity to move into an amazing townhome for a little more than what we are paying now!! It's 3 bedroom/3bathroom and completely updated. That's one extra bedroom and 2 extra bathrooms than what we have now.  There's also a pool and basketball and tennis courts which are terrific bonuses.

 This isn't the exact one we may be getting, but they all look like this out front and I think they are just perfect! 

Now that we are a two person income family and not just one, we could easily afford the bump in rent. We're just praying that this is something that God will bless us with and, if not, we know it's just not in His plan for us at this time.

Hope you all are doing wonderful and having a fantastic week and I'm going to do much better posting from now on. Oh and.....