Monday, August 30, 2010

Aggie Graduation and Ready For Surgery!!

Well this is definitely overdue, but I had to do it.....I am an official graduate of Texas A&M University!!! On August 13th at 7:30 AM my parents proudly took me to the Association of Former Students where I finally got my Fightin' Texas Aggie Ring!! Graduation began at 9:00 and it was wonderful!! :) My future in laws were able to come since my fiance' wouldn't have missed it for the world. I thought it was sweet and funny that my his mom wanted to be there since she figured no one else in the family would ever graduate from there again! :D Prideful moment for me I have to say! They were able to get a lot more pictures that I have not gotten back yet, but I hope to soon. After graduation we went back over to the Association for pictures under the ring replica.

Proudly holding my diploma

Me, Mom, and Dad..wishing my sister were in this picture with us! :(

Love my new Calvin Klein dress!!

Me and Quade

Me, Quade, and Quade's parents, Ken and Mary

After we finished taking pictures I was craving Mexican food and since moving home I have greatly missed Los Cucos so that's where we went. Quade's parents had never been and they loved it!

This was after I got caught admiring my Aggie Ring and everyone laughed at me

My dad gave me a gorgeous frame for my diploma that I could not wait to put in as soon as I got home! I had to show off my ring to my sister first who was so excited for me then I did exactly that.

Tomorrow is another big day for me...the day I get my right knee replacement! I have been off a lot of my meds in preparation for the surgery so I've been in a lot of pain. Some of my meds can thin my blood and cause me to bleed to death and other meds I had to stop increase my risk of infection so all good things to stop but not pleasant. I've been very doped up on Vicodin and Norco...Norco is a higher dosage of Vicodin so I've been on a emotional roller coaster! I feel bad for what Quade has had to put up with and my family. I will be in the hospital probably til Friday and hopefully can give updates from there!

My sister, Courtney, has been happily enjoying being home again and I have been so happy to have her home again!! Last night we watched "The Back Up Plan" together and last week we spent almost 2 full days watching 2 seasons of Mad Men! I'm looking forward to having a recovery partner next to me once I'm home again this weekend. She is continuing to recover so well and every time we have gone to the hospital for a check up they have been very positive reports! Thank you for all of you who have prayed, inquired, or given any support at all!!

Have a GREAT week!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Road to Recovery, More Wedding, and Knee Surgery

Hey friends! Still coming to you from St. Luke's Hospital. My sister is doing better and better! Thank you for your sweet comments on my posting below! She is now on a different floor which means I can be with her all the time and not limited to three 30 minute visitations a day. She has had a few of her drainage tubes pulled out and 3 more to go which should be today and tomorrow. She is finally being allowed to eat ice cream but unfortunately most of her nurtition is still coming by a feeding tube. The feeding tube should come out tomorrow and she will start a liquid diet first then slowly move into a regular diet! No clue yet when she will be able to come home, but I am hoping before my graduation. She won't be able to come for health reasons but just to be able to come home after and see her would mean the world! My fiance's family is bringing there video camera so they can film me walk to stage and she will at least be able to see it! :)

So my family is finally really getting on the bandwagon for the wedding! My dad paid the deposits on the harpist for the ceremony and the photographer which you can check out her site here!! I was so happy! I know they have wanted to get going on the wedding but understandably my sister was our main priority, and still is!! It's still nice to see things going more into motion.

My knee replacement surgery is officially scheduled for August 31st and I am definitely ready for it! I have had a lot of pain lately and I'm ready for surgery pains to begin because even those aren't as bad as this pain. My ankle replacement surgery won't be scheduled until I have mostly recovered from the knee surgery, but my guess is sometime beginning of October.
Hope y'all have a great week!!