Thursday, July 28, 2011

Honeymoon Part Two!!

To start part two, here are our formal pictures that we had made on the ship. They were just too good we agreed not to buy. :)

Friday was our last port and really the one that Quade and I looked forward to the most, because we were doing the Tulum Mayan Ruins excursion!! I have tried to get my family to do this excursion with me the last 3 cruises we've been on together, but now I'm so glad we never did since I was able to experience it the first time with my husband.

Here are some of my favorite shots from that day!

The bus made a pit stop for a restroom break before we got there so we had to get the "sombrero" picture in the gift shop.

 They even had one my size..haha

I didn't know how big the place was going to be until I saw the map...then I understood the phrase "comfortable walking shoes!"

Here we go!

See the face?!

Gorgeous overlook of the ocean and perfect "Kodak moment"

My favorite scenic shot :)

These little guys were EVERYWHERE!

Leaving the ruins

On our way back to the ship there was a wedding on the beach....AWWW!

All ready for dinner

More towel animals!!

Our last night we did a martini tasting. They were so good! I never knew there was a martini they put chipotle in! Not my favorite for sure but still pretty good! Still hard to beat my favorite..COSMOPOLITAN!

Our last towel animal :(

We had an absolute blast on our honeymoon and we are already planning our next cruise either the end of this year or early next year!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Honeymoon Part One!!

I'm keeping my word and this post is all about the first part of our fabulous honeymoon!!! Hehe ;)

Our Carnival cruise left out of Galveston so we drove part of the way after the reception ended so we could get there just as early as possible on Sunday morning. Since we splurged and got the balcony suite, we got VIP check in which was very nice!

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were all days at sea so we got to see a lot of the ship, abused our Sign and Sail card quite a bit, and ate way too much!

Wednesday we were in Montego Bay, Jamaica and Quade was very excited as we pulled in since he had never been out of the country or had never seen really blue water.


We didn't plan any excursions in Jamaica mainly because we had one place in mind.......


We had an awesome time there! Honestly can say we did NOT have too much to drink because they are so darn expensive!


 They had a great view from the top bar area:)

We wanted to go to the beach, but I couldn't believe that you had to pay just to go!!

As close a picture as I could get!

We came back to the ship early for a nap before getting ready for dinner but had an early wake up call......  

A Jamaican marching band!

Sweet gesture I understand to see the ship off, but not for those trying to get some sleep. Oh well!

Thursday we were in Grand Cayman and we did the sting ray and sea turtle farm excursion. I was kinda freaked out at know...Steve Irwin and all....but we had an absolute blast!!!

On the way to Sting Ray City

Sting Ray City!!

Some of the sting rays were literally as big as me! The water was only waist deep in the middle of nowhere. I got to feed one, KISS one (it's good luck apparently for 7 years), and get a back massage from one! I only really got freaked out when one of the sting rays "attacked" me! OK maybe he didn't attack me exactly but he thought I still had food in my hand so he circled all around me looking for the food that I did NOT have! The only way we could get pictures of these exciting events was to pay a heavy price so we decided to save our money.  

On to the Sea Turtle Farm....

They're starting to lay eggs in the sand now and should be hatching soon! Wish I could be there for that!!

Our baby turtle :) Awwww

We also got our very first Christmas ornament in the gift shop! I already put it up to prepare for the the holidays. It's Santa Claus dressed in his swim trunks on top of a Carnival ship that says Grand Cayman!!  

I got this great shot of the ship when we were driving back.

I'll show pictures of the second half of our honeymoon in my next post, but here's the first few nights of our towel animals until then!

More on my next post!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Back and MARRIED!!


Sorry I've been away for so long but the life of a newlywed wife has been much busier than I had anticipated. I am, however, loving every minute!!! We had an AMAZING honeymoon on a Carnival cruise to the Western Caribbean and I will share pictures in my next post!

For now I just wanted to share what pictures my photographers had released to us and try to get back into the blogging world that I missed so much!

Until next time!!