Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- Hair Products!!

Today over at The Undomestic Momma the Top 2 Tuesday topic is hair products!! This perfectly suits me because I don't know what I would do most everyday without my two favorite hair products...after I have rolled my hair FIRST.

1. Paul Mitchell SUPER SKINNY Serum

I love this stuff because it smells sooooooooo very good and it leaves my hair very shiny!! It feels so silky when it's in your hands that I don't even wash my hands after putting it in my hair because it conditions my hands so well.

2. Aussie Aussome Volume Hairspray

I have NEVER found a hairspray that holds my curls and volume as good as when I use this stuff! I love so many products from the Aussie line if this were top 5 Tuesday instead I would just keep going with their products.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hooray For A Good Update :)

Today was my two week check up for my knee surgery and my doctor was very pleased with how it looks! I finally got my stitches out and permission to take baths again which is a BIGGGGG deal to me!!! I don't know which style you prefer for I will take a relaxing bath over a shower any day unless I have to wash my hair. My doctor also put me on a better pain reliever which is making me feel very good. Unfortunately it's the kind of stuff that I could really get used to and not in a good way but at least it's helping for now. I had a very very bad night Monday night..so bad I started to read things online and thought I was getting a blood clot! Thankfully I was just overdramatizing yet again and I am fine!

I also got to squeeze in an appointment with my ankle doctor which was very important since my parents were starting to have doubts about the ankle replacement surgery not being the best option for me, but after our meeting the surgery still is. I did get some assuring news that for the ankle replacement surgery I'll only be in the hospital one night most definitely since they just put me in a cast and tell me to stay off it for 3 weeks. The great news is in most ankle replacements I won't even have to do physical therapy!!! This sounded great to me since I'm already dreading going back tomorrow for my knee therapy. :(

I've been much happier too that several more of my friends have been checking in on me since my last post and oddly they aren't even readers of my blog so even more proof that I didn't really need that GOD LISTENS but it's always a great reminder isn't it?!

I appreciate my readers so much for your kind words and emails and I promise to get back with you as soon as I can.

God bless!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The GOOD, The BAD, And The UGLY of Knee Surgery Recovery

Sorry I am just now giving a report on my knee replacement surgery, but the only technology I have felt like using is my IPhone and it's too time consuming to post from that. My actual surgery really couldn't have gone any better than it did which was a real blessing. Since we had to be there at 6 o'clock Tuesday morning, my family decided to go the night before and stay in the town house that my dad's customer has been letting us use during my sister's hospital stay. I was one of the first surgeries of the day which was much better than the 3 plus hours we had to wait last year from my left knee replacement. I was actually walking on my knee that night getting up to use the restroom instead of using those dreadful bed pans! My doctor was so pleased with my success by the second day he said I could go home Thursday, but I decided to wait until Friday so I'd have an extra day on the good drugs. Since the hospital, I haven't used my crutches or walker and I have my 3rd day of physical therapy tomorrow. This is all the GOOD part of my surgery.

The BAD has definitely been the pain!! The downside of me pushing as hard as I have been to quicken the recovery process is the pain is worse this way. It being worth it in the end is what I keep telling myself, but usually the pain is stronger. Another bad part is definitely the bruising. I have had purple all up and down my entire leg. I would show pictures, but I figure I should spare y'all the agony. Just trust me that it's been bad! I've been down so much using ice packs and pain pills like crazy. Finally, I started using my sister's really strong stuff because I just couldn't take it anymore. I've been this huge emotional baby about everything...over dramatizing over a lot of things like extremes such as my friends don't care enough because they won't come see me or many haven't even called to check on me. I know truthfully once I am rational again that I'm being stupid for thinking every one's world should revolve around me. I was mostly upset when my friend, Amy, told me at the beginning of last week that she planned to come see me over the weekend and then I was the one to contact her Saturday and she forgot she was going to dinner to celebrate an old high school friend's birthday. At least Quade has been an absolute doll though spoiling me! He made me special dinners every night while one of my parents has been taking a turn staying with my sister, who was in the hospital again but is now home. He would ice my knee down anytime I needed to be. He's even looked up wedding stuff with me to cheer me up since no one else has been bringing it up in a while.

The UGLY has been just being sooooo trapped, bored, anxious, and all the above!! I can't go do anything even though I know I am ready to do things. I was way too excited at getting to go to church yesterday just for the reason that I got to get out of the house! If I don't get to go do something fun soon I am going to have a meltdown! I have had way too much time to think about how things used to be when I lived away from home, when I had more freedom, and when my friends lived closer.

Well, now that I've vented some and talked about how the recovery has gone it's definitely time for me to go to bed. It's sad how emotionally and physically exhausted I become after the smallest things still, but hopefully not much longer. I know things will get better..I'm just ready for it to be now!

Hope everyone is doing well!!