Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shower Pictures and Sunday Reflection

I know I promised all of you bridal shower pictures from my last post and I finally have them!

Yours truly all ready to be "showered"

Some of our delicious food spread!  

A couple of my favorite gifts!!


Cutting board engraved with our first, middle,
and soon to be last name and wedding date!!

Texas Aggie gelatin mold/ice tray!


We did get plenty of cooking/casserole/baking dishes and some delicious recipes and ingredients to go along with all the wonderful gifts! Can't be a good Baptist without knowing how to be a good cook!! :)

This past weekend was my second and final bridal shower in Quade's hometown. It was  smaller crowd for this shower. Mainly Quade's mom, aunts, and a couple cousins, but we got some really incredible gifts and very generous gift cards!!!

 The punch was Aggie maroon just like my wedding color!!
I thought that was so sweet!!

The cake was so pretty and it had a vanilla filling that
was amazing! One of Quade's aunts actually made it!

Me with the lovebirds hah :P

No one took pictures of me opening presents but here's a couple of the things we got!

Our 16 piece dinnerware set

Pizza stone..I love making pizza!!
Spice rack

It made it really special that my mom and sister, Courtney, were able to come with me and meet some of my future family.

Sunday was a very meaningful day. Not because anything extra special happened, but because I finally just put all thoughts of everything out of my mind and really listened. My pastor really got to me not just Sunday morning but also Sunday night.

Sunday morning sermon's focused on how important all the member's of the church body are in the book of Matthew. I had heard this scripture referenced many times but never really looked at it in the light that he showed Sunday. I've always known how badly I need to go to church. It helps to keep me accountable during the week and build my relationship with my Savior. Yesterday, however, my pastor shared something new. He said, "You need the church just as much as the church needs you." It took a while for that to sink in on a deeper level with me, but it's definitely true. He then told the story about a man that he knew back at one of the churches he used to pastor at many years ago. This man was legally blind and legally deaf. No one could ever understand why this man made the effort to come to church every Sunday when he couldn't hear the sermon or see the people. One day my pastor asked the deacon of that church if he knew why that gentleman went through the trouble of coming every week and he simply said, "So the world will know that Jesus is my Savior and I am here for Him." That man could've been angry that God would allow such things to happen, but instead he came to church every week to give God the glory. It was all he knew how to do and he DID IT persistently. All people can become a Christian without going to church, but you cannot be a growing, faithful Christian without church.  

Sunday nights we have been studying my favorite book of the Bible, James. It's just a short book but it's jam-packed with things that are very relatable in my life. Our lesson the other night was on faith being dead without good works. I learned from a very early age that good works alone cannot save someone and allow them into Heaven when their time comes. I personally haven't focused as hard on my faith showing through good works. I need to stay in the Word throughout the week and share the need for the ones I care about to be in church so they too can have the same joy. So many people think their lives are just fine the way they are when they could be so much fuller. I don't know what I would have done without my church this last year with what we went through with my sister or even when I was going through my surgeries.

I encourage you, if you aren't in a church somewhere, you should find one. Your life could have so much more joy and other Christians in the church have a way of building you up like nothing in this world! 

God bless and have a great week!! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

First Bridal Shower, Decorating , and Cross Wall

Saturday was my first bridal shower that the wonderful ladies at my church organized for me and I was so overwhelmed by the great turn out and the sweet gifts that I received! I can't wait to share pictures when my friend finishes uploading them online. Next weekend is the bridal shower that my future in laws and their extended family are throwing for me in Yoakum and I'm getting really excited about it!

Late yesterday, Quade and I were putting away all our new gifts as well as hanging up some pictures that both of our parents had given to us and from the shower too. I'm so excited that our home is finally starting to come together! This one of my favorite signs that's now in our kitchen.

While we were decorating, we discovered where we are going to have our cross wall. I have always wanted to have one and since we already have one cross we started ours!! 

Do any of you have a cross wall? If so where do you like to shop for crosses? 

These are some of the ones I'd love to get!

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday

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So this is my first time to do SO WHAT! Wednesday, but it fits my mood today (and really this week) so I figured why not?!

SO WHAT......

..........if I want to do a lot of the wedding details by myself! I'm tired of hearing, "Your bridesmaids should help you with that and that and THAT!" Sorry but my bridesmaids live away from me and have busy lives. Besides if I just do it I know that it's done the way I like. I don't want my friends thinking I'm a bossy Bridezilla! 

.........that I'm still in my PJs and it's 2:30!!  I AM being productive today, but I just happen to want to stay comfy. Last time I checked I don't think that's a crime?!

.........if I cheat just a little on my diet. I've been nearly carb free for a month! I think it's just fine if I want a post Easter chocolate bunny now that my bridal pictures are done. I didn't get to enjoy it before Easter so I can now at half price! :)  

......that I wanted this cute new dress from JCPenny for my first bridal shower on Saturday. My church family has seen all my other dresses every Sunday and I only have 2 bridal showers. Plus it was half off with an additional $10 off coupon! What do y'all think?

......if I want a shopping day soon for honeymoon clothes!!! NO I don't want to wear the same summer clothes that I've had for years on my Caribbean cruise. I think that deserves a new summer wardrobe (and maybe some lingerie too!) :-P

So what are y'all saying SO WHAT to?