Friday, October 21, 2011

What a Week...

I know it's been a while since I have posted anything and that's mainly because there hasn't been anything exciting going on lately.

I've continued to try to stay strong in the job hunt after not getting the job that I was so hopeful for, but it's very hard. I know God has a plan for me and when it is His timing He will open the door that is meant for me. I just have to continue to pray and stay as optimistic as possible.

Wednesday morning, not long after Quade got to work, he was hurt while trying to move a wheel barrow and could barely move his neck without experiencing very sharp pains and kept having constant spasms. The secretary at his job called me to come pick him up and for several hours all he was told he could do was take aspirin. The nurse through his company's work comp told him he could finally go to the doctor after it was obvious he wasn't getting any better. We found out he got a terrible muscle strain in his neck and has to stay in a neck brace and take muscle relaxants and Hydrocodone until he can go back to the doctor next Wednesday, his BIRTHDAY of all days!! Good news is I have him all to myself until then, and he's still being paid to be home. BUT....he's just a big ol' baby on all those pain meds unfortunately. I enjoy being able to take care of him, but I am having to pray for extra patience while he is recovering.

My biggest prayer is that he will be better by next week because we are supposed to go visit my grandma in Louisiana next weekend and I would like for him to be pain free.

I can officially say I am completely addicted to Pinterest!! I am in love with so many of the ideas on there and I just wish I had more money and space to be able to put all this new inspiration to use! I definitely have the time, but I wish that was all I needed. Let me know if anyone would like an invite or if you'd like to follow each other! I'll end with a humorous pin I found on there today. :)


Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and blessed weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mission: Lunch

I've been so bad about posting since the 30 day challenge ended! I didn't even get to do the last day since we spent the day at my parents. :( Oh well. I still haven't heard anything on to job yet. I called yesterday to see if they needed anything else from me. I know they've been calling my references because when we went to church Sunday, one of the ones I put down got a call so I know there's hope!

Mission: Lunches For Hubby

So my newest hobby is to try to find some easy lunches that are OK for hubby to eat at room temp sometimes most of the time without him having a microwave nearby. He's usually on location most of the day so I try to stock his insulated lunch bag full of stuff so he doesn't get hungry. I know he is bound to be getting tired of turkey, ham, or roast beef sandwiches. So this is why I need your help ladies! :) I have found many delicious recipes on your blogs before so I know you can help me out! So far these sounds really good and just what I'm needing!!

Cheesy Roast Beef Wraps

BLT Wrap Sandwich 

Parmesan Tuna Sandwiches

  What recipes do you recommend?!?