Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Hump Day and Update!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I know several of you are happy that you have a 4 day weekend coming up. Even though I'm not working, I'm happy for it too since my hubby will be off work and is coming home finally on Saturday!!!!!!! It's been a long nearly 3 weeks, but I know I can make it 3 more days. :)

I also wanted to update everyone on what I've been up to. Last weekend my mom, dad, sister, puppy, Tex, and I loaded up to go celebrate my parent's 31st anniversary in Austin at a resort called The Island on Lake Travis! 

It was so beautiful!! This picture shows how high the water should be, but it's much lower right now with the drought.

The front gate was gorgeous with the stone and statues!

The views outside were awesome!!

I loved the quiet and lush courtyards :)

Friday night, we ate at the restaurant there at the resort. We literally had to just walk around the corner from our condo and we were at the restaurant! 

This was the balcony area at the restaurant 

My mom, sister, and I all got the tilapia tacos and they were so delicious!! I wish I had taken a picture but my phone was charging back in our condo.

There were deer everywhere and this had to be one of the prettiest bucks I'd ever seen!

They were setting up for karaoke after we finished dinner, but when we came back later to sing there was hardly anybody there. Instead we decided to watch Napoleon Dynamite back in our condo.


The outside pool was great BUT...

This is where I spent most of my time!!

Late Saturday afternoon, my sister and I came back and we've been spending a lot of great time together before I head back to hubby and I's home tomorrow. 

I'm hoping to go out one more time Friday night before hubby flys in Saturday night, but I'm still trying to figure out what to do.

Any ideas?!?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Case of the Mondays

Well I've made it through week one of my hubby being gone to North Dakota. I get to talk to him fairly often so I'm lucky for that, but it's not the same not being able to see him. 

I have stayed busy in the last week and it's been fun. Monday I left to go stay with some of my hubby and I's friends to go to the Praha Picnic for some good ol' German food and fun. 


Monday night we enjoyed watching Bachelor Pad that show! I can't believe how shallow Vienna and Kasey are!! I really wish one of them would get voted off so we could see how the other does without them HA! And I hate to admit I got pretty emotional over Ames deciding to leave with Jackie. I thought it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen! 

Unfortunately I just heard they have already broken up. There's rumors though that he could possibly be the next Bachelor and I would be so excited if he does!!

Originally Tuesday was the day we were going to go to Schlitterbahn, but we had to rearrange to Thursday. Instead Tuesday and Wednesday I spent with my in laws which was great. When my mother-in-law got off work we drove to Cavenders to exchange a pair of Miss Me jeans she had received as a present for a pair of cute brown and pink boots. After Cavenders we went to the movies to see The Help!

I really enjoyed it and I want to read the book even more now! I just have to finish a couple others that I have first.

I also got a lot of time with hubby's niece and nephew during my two days there. Here's some fun we had with my camera on my phone.

The last picture is my favorite because he kept saying, "Look Michal I'm Tade!" He can't quite say Quade yet but I just thought it was the cutest thing because Quade always wears his sunglasses on top of his hat like that!

Thursday was finally Schlitterbahn day!! As hot as it's been in Texas I have been dying to go this summer! We were there right when the waterpark opened for the day and there were barely any lines for a long time. The water was so cold because many of the rides are fed by the river...I loved it!!

Here's a picture of all the gals 

Friday I had one last lunch with my friends before heading back to my parent's house where I'll be staying for a while. We're grilling steaks and watching Monday Night Football tonight! It's been one of our favorite family traditions and I'm happy I can be here to share this time with them. :)

Hope you all have a great week!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's been a while since I linked up with Jamie's blog so I decided that's what I would do today!

I'm loving these last few days with my hubby before he leaves me for North Dakota :(

I'll miss him terribly but I'm happy that he'll be able to get away from these HOT triple digit temps we've been having!

I'm loving that my allergies are finally getting better so I won't feel miserable next week for Schlitterbahn!

I'm loving that my sister just told me that Neal McCoy is coming to our town's county fair in September!

County fair season is one of my favorite times of the year!

I'm loving that Michael Buble' is coming out with a Christmas CD in a couple weeks!

It's like his voice just sings to my heart and soul (and he's so HOT)! PLUS, it gives me yet another reason to look forward to Christmas even more!

And what I'm loving most is that I serve a risen Savior who has promised to supply all my needs!

So what are you LOVING this Wednesday?!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Allergies, the Weekend, and North Dakota

My hubby and I had a great weekend with his family and at our friend's surprise birthday party. Unfortunately I brought awful allergies home with me so I thought this picture was very suitable since it's exactly how I'm feeling right now! :(

We mainly went for our visit, because Saturday was our friend Mark's surprise birthday party. I have looked forward to this all week since all I've been doing lately is job hunt. He completely fell for the surprise which his wife, Crystal, was very happy about. It was great just catching up, enjoying a great meal, and dancing the night away from classic country to old school 80's. We helped clean up after the party was over then went over to Mark and Crystal's to wind down and relaxed in their hot tub.

One of the things I was most grateful about was their inviting me to go with them to Schlitterbahn next week! Quade leaves this Sunday for 3 weeks to go to North Dakota for work and I figured I would just be going to spend most of it with my family. I do miss my family and I plan to go spend time with them as well. So Sunday morning after I've dropped Quade off at the airport I'll probably go to church with my family then leave for our friend's house. Monday is the Praha picnic for the 156th Prazska Pout celebration. All new to this southern Baptist gal who is still baffled by the fact that you can get as drunk as you want to at a church picnic and it's ok. HA!

All this for last year's church picnic!

Tuesday we are Schlitterbahn bound! I haven't been in probably 3 years at least so I am soooo excited!!

That's our plans so far for next week but who knows what else with these girls!!

I'm going to miss my hubby so much but I figure as long as I keep myself busy it'll go by fast!

What else do you think I should do to help time fly?!