Friday, August 17, 2012

How My Life's Been Goin'

Seems every time I find the time to post it's months and months later!! Life's been treating me pretty well! I still love my job so much at the church. It keeps me busy most days and when I'm not I'm blessed to be able to play on Facebook or Pinterest as much as I want! Unfortunately, a lot of the people I work with have quit lately with great opportunities they've each found in different towns and ,sadly, the same goes for a lot of my friends. :( I'm so happy for everybody (really I AM) I've just been down a lot lately and I suppose in need of companionship. I love being married and am still very much blessed in love!! There are just many stresses that I'm sure my married readers can testify to and it gets tough. It would just help to have some girlfriends every so often to hang out with and I don't know where to begin to make some new ones since all mine seem to be moving away or are already far away. Have any of you been in my position and if so what did y'all do?

It'd also help to just get away for the weekend! Even though that's not exactly possible right now. My parents just got back from a LONG road trip through the West part of the countryside. They drove through New Mexico, Arizona, up along the California coastline. Heading back, they went through Nevada, went by the Grand Canyon, and made there way back to Texas after that. My dad was nice enough to text pictures of ALL the places he knew I would LOVE to see myself..wasn't that sweet of him. :-P

     I am happy to say that I got a brand new car!!! It was time to trade in the ol' mustang and upgrade to something more my age!

What do ya think?!!

It's a Ford Edge SE 2013 and I am completely in love with it!! It's so roomy and quiet! It has more bells and whistles than I seriously know what to do with with. The Ford Sync system allows me to tell my car to call anybody through my phone, play a CD, radio, Sirius Satellite radio, or music even on my phone. Probably my favorite part, being so short and all, is how tall I feel when I drive! HA HA!! It makes the car payment that I'm still getting used to more worth it. 

Guess that's all for now! Would love to hear what you all have been up to! 

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